This Is What We Do

By Mike Silva- Since 2000, Mike Silva International has been to more than 50 cities in nearly 20 countries, touching lives and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this through a combination of compassion aid, city-wide festivals and “legacy” – training pastors, evangelists and other church leaders. Long after we leave, the Gospel […]

Matagalpa Festival Video

God does incredible things when we pray. IMPACT: :48,000 attended the festival :9,619 commitments to Christ :2 Water Wells: ::Village of Yaule:  135 homes (945 people) ::Village of Waswali:  220 homes (1,760 people) :126 Churches Involved :98 attended MSI’s Pastors Marriage Conference :2,852 attended MSI’s Leadership Conference The impact of this outreach on the people […]

MSI Festival in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

MSI’s festival in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, attracted tens of thousands of people on Saturday night that came to see Tercer Cielo, Raza for Christ, and other performances in concert. The enormous and enthusiastic crowd packed into the festival area from the late afternoon until after 10:00pm, persevering through rain and power outages without losing it’s passionate […]

MSI Hosts Pastors’ Conference in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Friday was a busy day for the MSI team in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. We dedicated a well in the small village of Waswali and also hosted a large pastors’ conference in Matagalpa. The Latin Team worked day and night to finish a large well that would bring clean, accessible water to the rural community of Waswali. […]

MSI Holds Marriage Conference for Local Pastors in Matagalpa

On Wednesday, March 14th, MSI held a marriage conference for local pastors and their wives in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Mike Silva and Jim Williams (Dr. Jaime Miron) were the featured speakers, encouraging and challenging the full roster of 47 couples in attendance. This was such an important conference for the local ministry community. At the end […]

MSI Gets to Know the City of Matagalpa, Nicaragua

By now our entire staff has arrived from all over Latin America and the United States to the city of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. We are all amazed at the beauty of the city! Located in the mountains, the town is surrounded by rising hills and lush rain forest filled with exotic tropical wildlife. The steep, winding roads […]

Festival por la Vida – Matagalpa 2012

Enmarcado bajo el slogan de “Buena Musica, Buena Vida y Buenas Noticias” se presenta un evento digno de competir con la puesta en escena de las grandes presentaciones mas taquilleras del mundo. La organización Mike Silva International está creada con el propósito de rescatar los valores familiares a nivel mundial; habiendo recorrido ya más de […]

Matagalpa Update

Our trip to Matagalpa, Nicaragua on March 17 is approaching quickly! Please continue praying for this festival and all the outreaches that surround it. We covet your prayers for the following events: •Marriage Conference – March 14 from 9:30am to 3:00pm. •“Fruit that Remains” Pastor’s Conference – March 16 from 6:00 to 8:00pm. •Festikids Children’s […]