What happens after an evangelistic festival?

People always ask, “What happens after an evangelistic festival?”  In the years following Willamette Celebration in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, the people who came together to make Willamette Celebration happen, stuck together and used that outreach as a launching point to continue reaching out and serving their community.  They created an organization called Serve INC.  This […]

Where are we going?

  By Mike Silva- As the thermometer soars and many head for the beach, vacation season is in full swing for many Americans. Yet, at Mike Silva International summer marks the season to redouble our efforts. Right now we are at peak preparation time for our Rescate Project. This initiative encourages churches nationwide to provide […]

ServeINC (in the Name of Christ)

By Mike Silva- The service-oriented Willamette Celebration that our ministry helped organize in 2010 continues to pay dividends. This Saturday, July 14, the inter-denominational organization that arose from the festival will paint two elementary schools in the Albany, Oregon area. Serve INC (Serve in the Name of Christ) is expecting up to 700 volunteers to […]

This Is What We Do

By Mike Silva- Since 2000, Mike Silva International has been to more than 50 cities in nearly 20 countries, touching lives and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this through a combination of compassion aid, city-wide festivals and “legacy” – training pastors, evangelists and other church leaders. Long after we leave, the Gospel […]

#1 Man Podcast- Episode 39- Courage

Join host and author Mike Silva and his daughter Jenna for this week’s #1 Man Podcast. The motto of the US Army special forces is “free the oppressed.”  That’s such a strong statement of courage.  At some point in our lives we have all been pinned down by difficult circumstances. The question is – are […]

#1 Man Podcast- Episode 38- Best Seller

Join host and author Mike Silva for this week’s #1 Man Podcast.  Do you know what the #1 bestselling book of all time is, translated into more languages than any other book, with more copies printed than any New York Times best seller?  The writer of Hebrews calls it “…living and active. Sharper than any […]

Where the Need is Great

After spending a week in Tanzania at the Arise Kilimanjaro Festival, Jenna Silva has gained a deeper appreciation for how God’s power manifests itself when His people work together. MSI’s director of development joined other evangelists with Proclamation Evangelism Network (PEN) and Luis Palau’s Next Generation Alliance (NGA) for a series of nine rallies, conferences […]

#1 Man Podcast- Episode 37- Promise Keepers Orlando

This week we have a special treat for our #1 Man listeners; Mike’s recent message at the Promise Keepers conference in Orlando, FL. “Through its history, Promise Keepers men’s conferences begin with a call to Christ, but the response to Mike Silva’s invitation to faith was anything but typical. ‘God is calling you out of […]