Father daughter relationships

#1 Man Podcast- Episode 30-Affection

This week join hosts and authors Mike Silva and Bradley Burck as they discuss how to be affectionate with your daughters, and why it is so important. Your daughter needs your hugs, your kisses, your attention, and she needs you to model what is appropriate affection. She especially needs this if her love language is physical touch. […]

#1 Man Podcast- Episode 29-It’s Not About You Man

This week join hosts and authors Mike Silva and Bradley Burck as they talk about how to get to know your daughter as her dad vs. her friend. Don’t take the easy way out and just be her friend. There are lots of people who can be her friends, but only you can be her dad. […]

#1 Man Podcast- Episode 25- Daddy’s Girl

Mike’s oldest daughter Jenna joins him in the studio for this weeks episode. She explains how daughters can build relationships with their dad’s, using the acronym DADDY’S GIRL. Daughters investing in your relationship with your dad will reap big rewards. Jenna gives lots of useful tips for daughters to begin using today in their relationship […]

#1 Man Podcast- Episode 24- Why Daughters Date

In this episode Mike’s daughter Grace joins the discussion on dating and relationships. Mike and Grace share candid stories, and discuss why daughters, even those whose fathers are active in their lives, feel the need to date.         Podcast: Play in new window | Download

#1 Man Podcast – Episode 22- Patience and Faithfulness

Join hosts and authors Mike Silva and Bradley Burck as they continue their discussion about the fruits of the spirit. This week they discuss how important patience and faithfulness are in a father’s life, and how those traits will impact your daughter. Being a #1 Man doesn’t mean you’re perfect, it means you’re giving it […]

#1 Man Podcast – Episode 10 – Wayward Daughter 2

Has your daughter gone a little wayward? If so – tune in this week to hear Mike Silva’s daughter Jenna Silva talk about what it is like to be a wayward daughter and how her father won her back with love and prayer. Podcast: Play in new window | Download