Matagalpa Report

MSI’s festival in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, attracted more than 48,000 people. The enormous and enthusiastic crowd packed into the festival area from the late afternoon until after 10:00pm, persevering through rain and power outages without losing it’s passionate energy. The giant crowd packed into all corners of the venue, stretching as far as the eye could see and into the streets, and there were reports that the town of Matagalpa was empty because so many people were attending the festival. The excitement was absolutely infectious, fueled by the dynamic Reggae/Latin beats of Raza for Christ and the chart-topping hits of Tercer Cielo.

We are praising the Lord for the tremendous results in Matagalpa!

Join us in praising God for the following results:

  • Attendance: 48,000
  • Decisions: 9,616
  • Pastors Conference: 98
  • Marriage Conference: 2,852
  • Water Wells in 2 villages: Yaule: 135 homes (945 people) and Waswali: 220 homes (1,760 people)

Thank you for all your prayers and financial support!  We are a great team!

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